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Problem Understand the given requirement, Prepare understanding document. Define the problem by understanding the actual requirement with the help of client. Approval on the understanding document from client

Solution Prepare algorithms with the help of our core solution engineering and quality engineering team. Prepare scenario cases. Prepare unit test cases using scenario cases. Development. Unit testing along with add/ modify test cases quality engineering.

Challenge Identify Challenges. Understand why its challenge and not the normal one. Check the implementation feasibility for the challenges. Communicate with client to put light on Challenges and their importance in solution. Identify value additions along with these challenges to propose a revised solution.

Value Addition Proven thought process to build the solution beyond clients expectations using our core consulting capabilities. Out of the box engineered solutions, using mathematics and statistics for logical and optimal solutions enabled for configurability, standardization, reusability, expandability, performance oriented, and quality with time efficiency.

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