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If you have an idea, we have core proven expertise to transform idea into the reality using best ways. OCS is well-known for developing product frameworks and quality standards. Our frameworks are always proven to be powerful frameworks with features like configurable, extensible, pluggable.Every product is developed with 2 major phases architecture (design) and implementation.


Solution Engineering Every solution architecture and design by our core designing team is best in class design. Our solutions are designed using 320 degree at glance views. History says whenever this is an assumption in the software design the solution is going to fail at one point of time. We develop solutions using complete mathematical and statistical approach to keep assumptions at zero percent. Our statistical approach makes the solution design robust and configurable. This unique approach handles corner cases properly to handle business functionality properly.


Implementation methodologies Over the period we have developed our own "Linear implementation methodology" which ensures the complete life cycle of the project or product with ease and full control till last node of the cycle. "Linear implementation methodology" enables to plug in and out various phases during the implementation of the product which is not possible using the traditional models.